Pedagogical Training

In addition to my experience in the classroom, I have taken considerable advantage of departmental and campus resources at the various institutions where I have taught, such as the Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning at Brown University, the Teaching and Learning Center at Geneseo, and the Instituto Cervantes. These resources have allowed me to cultivate my reflective teaching practice, and have helped me to prove my capacity to adapt to the unexpected and to learn from my missteps. I am constantly reappraising the effectiveness of my instruction and instructional materials based on continuous student feedback and by making myself a frequent visitor in the classrooms of my colleagues and asking they they also visit mine. I believe that my enthusiastic, demanding, but relaxed classroom demeanor is effective in providing an exciting, comfortable, and authentic environment in which students feel safe to speak up, make errors, and improve. I have been delighted to see many of my students go on to perform adeptly and confidently in advanced Spanish courses, to take advantage of study abroad programs, or to become concentrators and majors in Spanish.

New York State Education Department

Pedagogical Training listed under this heading was received through such organizations as the New York State Association of Foreign Language Teachers (NYSAFLT), the Office of Bilingual Education and World Languages (OBEWL), the North East Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Language (NECTFL), and others.

New York State Association of Foreign Language Teachers (NYSAFLT)


Instituto Cervantes, New York/Brown University (Click to show)

  • Certified D.E.L.E. (Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language) Oral Examiner (Nov. 2009)
    • Completed a six-hour-and-a-half hour training seminar through the Instituto Cervantes New York at Brown University.
  • “De la lectura a la escritura en la clase de Español como Lengua Extranjera (E/LE)” (Jan. 2010)
    • Attended a three-hour seminar on strategies to encourage students to write effectively and creatively about authentic texts, beginning at the earliest levels of Spanish language instruction.
  • Training session on AVE (Aula Virtual del Español) (Feb. 2010)
    • Attended a three-hour training session on the resources available to teachers and students through AVE.
  • “Hablando se entiende la gente: la dimensión afectiva en la clase de L2” (Feb. 2010)
    • Attended a three-hour seminar on how the affective aspects of a classroom manifest and can be controlled and utilized by the instructor to improve second-language instruction.
  • Jornadas de formación en evaluación (Oct. 2010)
    • Attended an all-day workshop on evaluation in foreign-language classes, including a lecture on evaluation through task-based learning, a roundtable discussion of ACTFL and DELE guidelines, and a workshop on designing valid and reliable exams.
  • “Recursos digitales en la clase de español” (Nov. 2010)
    • Attended a three-hour workshop on the use of digital resources, including blogs, chat, Web forums, and social networks in the foreign language classroom, organized by Mary Glasgow/Scholastic.
  • Jornadas de formación: La dimensión afectiva en el aprendizaje de idiomas (Mar. 2011)
    • Attended an all-day workshop on the affective aspects of the foreign language classroom, including a lecture on multiple intelligences, a roundtable discussion on stimulating emotional connections and personal meaning in the classroom, and a workshop on teaching heritage speakers.
  • Jornada de formación: La competencia docente digital en la enseñanza del ELE (Oct. 2011)
    • Attended an all-day workshop on the developing digital competency in the classroom, including a lecture on social networking technologies, a roundtable discussion on the opportunities and challenges presented by digital learning, and workshops on meaningful interactions through social networks and on the creation of multimodal texts.

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Harriet W. Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Brown University (Click to show)

  • Teaching Consultant (2009–2012)
    • Ran short teaching workshops for various university departments; observed and provided feedback on classes offered by graduate students and faculty in all disciplines; observed and provided feedback on peer presentations.
  • Discussion Leader (2009–2012)
    • Facilitated group workshop discussions for the discussion of practical methods and techniques for developing and improving a reflective teaching practice for the Certificate I program (see below).
  • Certificate IV: Teaching Consultant Program (2009–2010)
    • Professional training in peer observation, feedback skills, leadership, and discussion facilitation.
  • Certificate III: Professional Development Seminar (2009–2010)
    • Year long, seven-session seminar organized around the concept of the Teaching Portfolio and its component parts, designed to build a strong teaching portfolio and document teaching practice as scholarship
  • Certificate II: Classroom Tools Seminar (2009–2011)
    • Year-long, six-session seminar designed to explore effective pedagogical strategies. Topics include: teaching with artifacts and objects, incorporating technology into the classroom, designing effective assignments and assessments that facilitate student learning by reinforcing class objectives and learning goals, leading effective classroom discussions, and delivering engaging lectures
  • Certificate I: Sheridan Teaching Seminar (2007–2009)
    • Year-long, six-session seminar, with corresponding workshops, organized around the concept and development of reflective teaching practices.
  • Various hour-long seminars
    • Responding to Student Writing in the Humanities and Social Sciences (16 September 2009)
    • Digital Storytelling (30 September 2009)
    • Faculty Life at a Liberal Arts College (8 October 2009)
    • Integrating Writing into Intermediate-Level Courses (26 October 2009)
    • Leading Discussions in the Humanities and Social Sciences (17 November 2009)
    • Does Translation Have a Place in a Foreign Language Curriculum? (1 December 2009)
    • How Implicit Biases Affect Our Teaching Practices (9 December 2009)
    • Using Visual Images to Enhance Critical Thinking & Communication (22 March 2011)
    • How to Deepen Learning through Critical Reflection (20 April 2011)
    • How Can I Engage Them? (2 May 2011)
    • Workshop Series on Teaching Foreign Languages
      • Redesigning the Foreign Language Curriculum (25 February 2010)
      • Integrating Community-Based Learning into Language Courses (18 March 2010)
      • Incorporating the Arts into the Foreign Language Classroom (15 April 2010)
      • Teaching Reading Comprehension through Literature (27 October 2010)
      • Effective Task Design for Communicative Language Teaching Parts I, II (24 February, 3 March 2011)
      • Practical Techniques for Teaching Vocabulary and Grammar Parts I, II (14 April, 21 April 2011)
    • Workshop Series on Teaching Literature
      • Leading Discussions in Literature Classes (23 March 2011)
      • Responding to Student Writing in Literature Classes (12 October 2011)
      • Teaching, Not Telling: The Workshop Method of Teaching Literature (16 November 2011)
    • Workshop Series on Visualizations & Representations In Teaching & Learning
      • Teaching Effectively with Visuals (23 February 2011)
      • Using Visual Images to Enhance Critical Thinking & Communication (22 March 2011)
    • Year of Reflective Learning Series
      • Nurturing the Development of the Reflective Thinker (2 November 2011)
      • Reading, Reflecting and Relating (2 November 2011)

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Department of Hispanic Studies, Brown University (Click to show)

  • Department of Hispanic Studies New TA Training (Summer 2006)
    • Week-long, intensive summer workshop on running a foreign-language classroom, designing and implementing lesson plans, assignments, and assessments, and utilizing technology in the classroom.
  • Theory and Methods of Foreign Language Teaching (Fall 2005)
    • Semester-long course on the theories and methodologies of second language acquisition.

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Brown University (Click to show)

  • Mellon Workshop Participant (2008–2009)
    • Organized, attended, and participated in a seminar run for and by interested graduate students titled Bodies and Nations in the Nineteenth Century.

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